HP Slim - Keyboard and mouse set

USB - UK layout - for Chromebook 11A G8; Chromebook Enterprise 14 G6; ProBook 44X G7, 45X G7; ProBook x360

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Fabrikant HP
Artikelnummer T6T83AA#ABU-R
FlexIt SKU 2246973W1
Product condities
W1 - Factory remanufactured as new
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    • Slim design won't clutter your desk
    • Makes the perfect accessory for your PC
    • Offers complete functionality in a standard size layout

    Full size layout means the keys are where they're supposed to be. And handy hot and multi-media keys give you fast access to your favorite features.

    All the keys are there - in their expected locations. Hot keys instantly control volume. Multimedia function keys make it easy to play music, movies and videos.

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